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Approach Environmental

Approach Environmental is a full-service environmental consulting company. Our company was started to provide clients with a more detailed and site-specific solution to their environmental issues and liabilities. Our experts have more than 80 years of experience. Let our environmental professionals assist your company with compliance of environmental rules and regulations. 

Approach Environmental serves a large client base including above-ground storage tanks (ASTs); underground storage tanks (USTs); commercial property owners/buyers/sellers; lending/funding institutions; industrial facilities; municipalities; parishes; ports; private landowners; oil and gas exploration & production (E&P) companies; oil & gas E&P service companies; pipeline companies, as well as many others.

Approach Environmental personnel have expertise in Environmental Geology; Hydrogeology (Professional Geoscience certifications in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas); Engineering (Professional Engineer Firm/Engineer in Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas); Environmental Science; Computer Aided Drafting; and Wetlands.

Approach Environmental has full-time, experienced, environmental representatives located in the following strategic locations: Shreveport, LA; New Orleans, LA metropolitan area; DFW Metroplex; Houston, TX metropolitan area; and Lubbock, TX.


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